Our Mission and Philosophy

We understand that the parents and/or guardians of the children at Hillcrest Kids have a keen interest in the values, purposes and philosophies that govern our programs. In this section, you will find our Mission Statement, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Discipline and an explanation of our Christian foundation.

Our Christian Worldview

Hillcrest Kids is a Christian organization. We exclude no one on the basis of creed or religion. We do believe in the historic Christian worldview as expressed in the Apostle’s Creed.

Our beliefs are deeply held and influence our goals and hopes as we work with your children. Singing grace before meals, reading Bible stories in the classroom and celebrating the birth of Jesus during Christmas are just a few of the ways these beliefs are incorporated in classroom life. While we do not belittle the beliefs of others or indoctrinate into any sect or institution, we do freely share our hope in our Lord Jesus Christ and our trust in Him.

Hillcrest Kids Mission Statement

Hillcrest Kids Early Learning has been called by God to serve and care for children ages 1 year through grade 5 and their families within Whatcom and Skagit counties.

Our Philosophy

Our Approach to Education

We believe it is in an atmosphere of relational warmth and security that children are free to grow and learn. Experienced and dedicated teachers supply abundant opportunities to touch, taste, feel, see and hear the world and it’s wonders.

Our Director is ECE certified. Our Program Coordinators and our teachers continue to train in Early Childhood Education. All staff meet the state requirement of the S.T.A.R.S. Program.

Each teacher, morning and afternoon, for ages two and a half to five years old, plan a weekly theme.  We explore everything from what makes sticky “sticky”, to the seasons, special holidays and the sights and sounds of our world. Special guests are brought in for such subjects as community emergency services, water safety and small farm animals. When possible, field trips to nearby parks and south-side businesses are arranged.

Teachers of our nursery age children (one to two and a half years) understand the importance of early bonding and also plan weekly plans that involve a theme or a change to the environment to stimulate the senses.  Age appropriate activities are planned for their early learning and development.

Our Philosophy of Discipline

At Hillcrest Kids, we use Love & Logic as a discipline model.  We believe that discipline should be remedial rather than punitive. It is based on an understanding of the individual child’s needs and stage of development. We pray with kids and ask Jesus to help them make wise choices and practice self-control. Discipline includes redirection, natural consequences, brief “time out”, loss of privileges, longer “time outs” and if needed, an office visit, parent consultation or removal from the program for a period of time.

Corporal punishment and humiliation or frightening punishment shall not be administered.

Hillcrest Kids staff are required by Washington State Law (RCW 26.44.030) to report suspected incidents of abuse and neglect.