Pre Kindergarten

Pre-Kindergarten: 4 Years

Pre-Kindergarten ushers in a time of preparation for your child. Between the games and activities, your child won’t even realize they are gaining basic recognition of numbers, letters, and colors. Your child will also enjoy participating in Show and Tell as they experience positive encouragement from their peers.

With a morning program that offers structure and design, your child will start to become accustomed to the “classroom” environment that awaits them in Kindergarten. Counting, matching, and sequence identification is balanced with painting, dancing, and dressing up in silly hats.

Pre-K signals big changes for your child. They are old enough to be responsible for classroom chores like Line Leader and passing out cups, and still “kid” enough to love being hugged by Teacher.

While it’s a little sad wondering where the time has gone, we celebrate with you during this time of amazement, knowledge, and adventure.