Pre-School: 3 Years

Our Preschool classes open up a world of fun and learning for your child! Planned around a stronger thematic base, preschool is a time of continued exploration. As your child becomes aware of their role in the world around them, we provide opportunities of discovery through short field trips. Whether going on an “I Spy” nature walk around the building, or finding out what’s under the sea at the Touch Tank, there are so many wonderful things out there!

You can wander through the classrooms and watch one group of kids making Goop and Gak, another group drawing self portraits, and still another group taking turns looking at lady bugs under a magnifying glass. Your child will enjoy making their own choices during free play time. Whether building with blocks, coloring pictures, or playing dress-up, each opportunity allows your child to stretch their imagination and strengthen their creativity.

Playing in the sandbox outside or racing with friends on the field, your child will enjoy spending time outside. Teachers know that kids need fresh air and room to stretch and grow, and there are many fun times spent outside wiggling and giggling.

While here, your preschooler will build a relationship with teachers who will encourage independence while fostering an awareness of others, all in an environment that promotes learning and fun.