Toddler Town

Toddler Town: 1-2 Years

You are now entering Toddler Town! Welcome to the world of rambunctious, creative explorers. You and your child will feel welcome in our toddler designed classroom. Clean, bright and cheerful surroundings invite your youngster to pick out a toy and stay awhile. Activities that encourage excitement and wonder are planned throughout each day. Every child enjoys playing on a playground that’s just the right size for them, and we have a special place for your little one to play and dig!

Music is a fun part of the environment here, and our teachers enjoy singing and dancing with the children. When walking down the hall past Toddler Town, it’s not uncommon to hear little voices singing and little hands clapping. Another well-loved activity in this group is picking out a favorite story for Teacher to read to them. All the kids enjoy the colorful books from our library, and reading time helps the children develop their vocabulary and imagination.

On your mark… get set… Potty-train! Yes, it’s the beginning stages of potty-training, and at Toddler Town our teachers help the children by giving them access to a toilet while realizing that each child will learn at their own speed. We cheer along with your child as they experience success in this area.

Toddler Town kids are like butterflies fluttering from one fun activity to another and low teacher-to-child ratios help accommodate this time of learning and play. Sunshine or rain, there is always something going on at Toddler Town so children can touch, taste, look, listen, and laugh!